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a journey through

The Bay of Naples & Amalfi Coast

June 2019

Naples and the Amalfi Coast sit in the shadow of the infamous Mt.Vesuvius, who’s eruptions provided the rich soil that has helped make this one of the finest culinary regions in the world. The Bay of Naples and the neighbouring Amalfi coast have beauty and history in abundance.

our Journey

Our week starts on the pastel-hued island of Procida, only a short hop from Naples, the areas main transport hub.

From here we will sail east taking in the islands of Ischia and Capri before heading down the Amalfi Coast, famed for its stunning vistas, glamour and mouth-watering local cuisine. Legs on this journey range from 8 to 30 nautical miles per day, which gives a great balance between days spent anchored in bays and time spent enjoying all the wind that there is to be found.

Exploring this route by yacht really is the best way to travel. Avoid the crowded ferries and chaotic, slow-moving roads and move at your own pace. Our yacht gives us complete freedom to find secret bays, go to places off the tourist track and see the beauty of the mountainous coast from the water, a perspective that very few are fortunate enough to see.

Click the left and right arrows on the slider below for details of the route that we will most likely take. Sailing is dynamic, we are sometimes at the mercy of nature, and if local weather conditions during the week dictate we have to do a different route, then so be it. Our top priority is the safety of all guests, the crew and the boat.


Only a 40 minute ferry ride from Naples, pastel-hued Procida is a world away from the chaos and noise that defines its neighbour. Island life is slow here, and wonderful because of it. Our meeting place will be Marina Grande on day one where we will settle into our new home. This is where we will spend our first night, giving you time to ease your day into the trip, before we set sail the following morning.

Enjoy a champagne reception on arrival, as we show you around your home for the next week.

A full above and below decks safety brief is given by the skipper before we set sail.

day 1


day 2

Ischia is frequently overshadowed by its glitzy sister island of Capri, but this could be the Bay of Naples’ best kept secret. The small volcanic island, where lush green mountains tower above whitewashed traditional towns, boasts thermal springs and sandy beaches so good that this is the holiday destination of choice for Neapolitans.

We spend the day pottering around its hidden coves and resting, anchored in the dazzling blue water. On land the village of Sant’Angelo has the most delicious linguine al vongole you will find, and a walk into the hills will take you to the Cavascura Spa set over hot springs that date back to the Roman times. 


day 3

Italy’s most famous island has rightfully earned its title. The stunning scenery, white-washed glamour and history make this a place not to be missed. We moor in Marina Grande which sits in the saddle between Capri’s two peaks. From here the funicular takes you on a spectacular trip up into Capri town itself, with the view across the ocean slowly becoming clear as you ascend.

Days here are spent swimming in the waters on the east side of the island next to the towering Faraglioni rock formation, or wandering the Roman Villas that are dotted around the island.


Finding lesser known gems like Cetara is what the freedom of travelling on a sailing boat is all about. The locals know Cetara as a gastronomic hotspot that has avoided the sometimes inflated tourist prices of some of its neighbours.

Famous for its anchovy and tuna fishing fleet the town knows how to serve seafood. The fresh catch is served in traditional quaint street-side trattorias with fantastic local waiters talking you through the intricacies of the dishes.

day 4


You can't explore the Amalfi Coast without visiting the place itself. Amalfi is the ex-maritime superpower of the coast and would likely have remained so, if it were not for an earthquake in the 13th century where the city slid into the sea. The town was rebuilt into the impossibly steep cliffs of the mountain and today it’s gorgeous sun filled piazzas are the perfect place to enjoy dinner.

Taking a car along the hair-pin roads to Ravello which is nestled in the mountains above Amalfi is also not to be missed. Lush green lemon terraces cover the hillside and the towns hand-made ceramic wares line the streets; its altitude also makes it the best vantage point to appreciate the grandeur of the coastline.

day 5


To describe Positano as colourful would be an injustice, the colour palette is emblematic of the Mediterranean in summer. This is best appreciated from the water where the pastel hues contrast agains the lush greenery of the mountains behind, and it’s a vantage point that few get the privilege to see; Positano doesn’t have a yacht marina so weather permitting we anchor below the town and take the tender to shore

One of the delights of this part of the coast is the traditional family run trattoria called ‘Da Adolfo’, located on the beach in its own private cove. The sound of the waves lapping on the shore and the cormorants calling to one another and diving into the water, is the perfect soundtrack to relax to, accompanied by local white wine and peaches.

day 6

the details


Capodichino is Naples’ well connected international airport. Reasonably priced flights can be found throughout the year from a selection of carriers across Europe.

Our transfer will meet you at the arrivals gate and take you to the ferry port where you will board the 30-minute ferry to Procida, the transfer driver will have your ferry tickets.

Renting a car in Naples is also possible, but not advisable. The roads around the city are hectic and do not lend themselves too well to having a relaxing break, fuel prices are also high and you will have to pay for private secure parking.

If you are arriving in Procida any other way then let us know and can make any arrangements that you may need.


The Euro is the only accepted currency in the South of Italy.

ATM’s (locally known as Bancomats) are readily available across the region and on all of the main outlying islands, providing the best way for you to access money throughout the trip. Credit and debit card payments are accepted in the majority of restaurants, supermarkets and shops. Your bank’s standard withdrawal fees for accessing money abroad should apply. Be sure to inform them that you are going to be using your card abroad.


European nationals do not need a visa to enter Italy, but passports checks are still in place at borders. Foreign nationals from a group of 28 non-EU countries (find details here) are not required to have a visa for tourist visits that last less than 90 days. For any nationalities not listed, it is best to contact your Italian consulate for more information.

Anyone visiting Italy should ensure that their passport is valid for 6 months past the intended date of departure and that it is stamped at the border.


This region of Southern Italy has its own dialect called Neapolitan which is entrenched in its identity,  but speaking Italian and Spanish still gets you far.

Unlike many other coastal areas of mainland Europe however, English is not widely spoken, nor understood. So make sure you pack your Italian dictionary and phrasebooks!


2019 dates

£1,850 p/p - 3 cabins available

1st June to 8th June

week 2:

15th June to 22nd June

£1,850 p/p - 3 cabins available

week 4:

£1,850 p/p - 3 cabins available

8th June to 15th June

week 3:

25th May to 1st June

week 1:

£1,850 p/p - 3 cabins available

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