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you've probably got a few questions at this point


Are you able to advise on how to get to the boat?
Yes, we will help get you there!

As part of the service, we include transfers from local airports and transport hubs. Upon booking, you will be sent a passenger information form and we will ask for details of your travel arrangements to the destination country. We understand that peoples travel plans will vary greatly so there is a degree of flexibility in these transfers - we will help however we can.

General travel information is covered on the welcome pages; if you have any more questions then get in touch and we will sort it out.
what should i pack?
Not much, pack light!

In hot climates you really won’t need as much as you think you will –  bring shorts and swimwear, a light wet weather jacket, and a couple of smart shirts/tops for eating in restaurants.

Remember any medications that you might need as in some areas well-stocked pharmacies can be hard to come by. If you think there is a chance you could get sea/motion sick then bring some medication to overcome this.

Aboard the yacht, we provide safety equipment (life jackets etc) as well as snorkelling equipment.
Is there a level of health and fitness required?
Although the crew are able to take care of most of the sailing and mooring themselves, there will likely be times where they could do with a hand, so a reasonable level of health and mobility is advised.

The unparalled freedom and flexibility that sailing yachts afford us mean that in many cases we will be able to anchor offshore in a quiet bay and take our motorised tender into town. Again, getting into and out of the tender takes some mobility and balance, but we will always be there to help you.

If you have any questions or concerns then please get in touch, we would love to help.

how are cabins allocated?

The layout aboard yachts is such that there is a master suite in the bow of the boat and two stern cabins in the back of the boat.

All cabins can comfortably accommodate two guests but the master suite has just a little bit more space. The master suite cabin will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis to the party who is first to pay their deposit for that journey for that specific week.

If your party is booking the entire boat then these decisions can be made between yourselves.
what are the arrival and departure times?
Location dependent, journeys will either run from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Adventurers are able to join the boat from 4pm on a date of arrival and are kindly asked to leave by 10am on the final day.

Location specifics can be found on the destination pages or by contacting us.
What is the accommodation like aboard?
We use monohull sailing yachts that are between 45ft and 50ft in length. Cabins are a two-person bed with built-in storage around and underneath, and an ensuite toilet/shower room. Sleeping is made easy as all A Journey Through boats have air-conditioning.

The communal areas include a full kitchen, a saloon seating area and an on-deck dining area, and the boats are also fitted with USB and 240v charging sockets

But the fun of sailing trips most definitely happens above decks, it is the glorious surroundings that you come for, minimal time is spent below decks!
What facilities does the boat have?
The boats A Journey Through use are between 45-50ft and include such features as:

> Air Conditioning
> En-suite bathrooms with hot showers
> 12v USB charging points (yachts on many journeys may have DC power, email us for specifics)
> Tender with outboard engine to shuttle guests to shore
> A swimming platform
> Cooking facilities
> Fridge Freezer
> All required safety equipment (liferaft, flares, life jackets, EPIRB, VHF radio with DCS alarms)
> Electronic navigation aids
> Inside and on deck speakers


do we need to be experienced sailors?

All A Journey Through boats are skippered by qualified sailing instructors. The skipper and crew member are fully capable of sailing and mooring the boat unassisted, so even if you have never been on a sailing boat before you will be in safe hands. 

However, we do love to teach and encourage the active participation of all on the boat if they so wish – just ask the skipper and they will teach you all they know!
can you organise private charters to other locations?
Of course, it’s what we love doing!
Pick the dates, pick the location and we will hatch a plan! Head over to the A Journey Through Tailoring page and we can get started.
Can we gain formal sailing qualifications during the trip?
Unfortunately not.

Although all our journeys are skippered by experienced, professional yachting instructors, we are unable to sign people off for sailing qualifications as we are not an RYA approved training school.

Throughout the week, however, you can learn as much as you want in between the relaxing, get up to speed and then take any exams back at home.
are routes for the week set in stone?

The A Journey Through skipper has complete control over the route each day. The day-by-day guides on each of destination pages are a guide only. We will try and stick to these routes as much as possible but if weather conditions or specific needs of the group dictate then the skipper will choose a more suitable course of action.

That being said there is usually a degree of flexibility! Got a specific bay in mind for lunch? Want to visit a particular historic town? Just ask the skipper and they will do what they can!
will seasickness be an issue?
Some people are more prone to seasickness than others but this should not deter you from coming and exploring with us.

There are very good seasickness/motion sickness tablets easily available from many chemists  (try Quels or Stergion) – if you know that you can be prone to motion sickness from other forms of transportation then it would be prudent to stock up.

This being said however, we will not be sailing in any adverse weather conditions and the skipper is trained in methods to notice and regulate the symptoms of seasickness so you are unlikely to suffer badly.


how do i Book?

The booking process is simple.

On each journey’s page there is a section titled ‘Booking’. In this section the dates for each weeks journey are set out, as is the cost per person and the number of available cabins. Once you have chosen which week you would like to travel fill out the booking form complete with your name and e-mail address and click ‘Request to Book’.

Once you have sent your booking request we will send you a booking conformation and PayPal invoice to the email address that you supplied. Upon booking we require a 50% deposit to secure your cabins aboard the yacht, the further 50% is required no later than 60 days before your date of arrival.

If you have any questions regarding the booking process then send us a message by email, or via our LiveChat using the icon on the bottom right of the page.
how does the pricing work?
Pricing is per cabin rather than per person. Cabins are double occupancy and both places must be taken in a single payment transaction. Each week there are 3 double-cabins making space for 6 guests (the two crew have their own cabins). The price per cabin is the same whether you book one cabin or all three.

50% of the total balance is required upon booking to secure your cabin and the rest is required 60 days before your date of arrival.
whats included in the price?
Included in the cost is:

> A professional skipper, competent in sailing, navigating and mooring the boat. Our skippers are also instructors who can teach you as much or as little as you wish.

> A cook on hand to serve all breakfasts and lunches throughout the week. Breakfasts will be a variety of cooked items, fruit platters, fresh juices and coffee. Lunches will all be healthy and light - think pasta dishes, salads, and local specialities. All ingredients will be as fresh and as regional as possible.

> 7 nights accommodation aboard a 45/50ft sailing yacht no older than 5 years old. There will be three double cabins for 6 guests and separate quarters for the crew. Cabins have en-suites with hot showers. The boat will have air-conditioning and 240v charging points.

> Transfers - You will be picked up by from the airport/transport hub and taken to the boat.

> Onboard safety equipment (lifejackets, life raft, EPIRB, flares etc.)
> All fuel, water and mooring expenses
> A tender with outboard engine to take you to shore if we are anchored in a bay
> Bath and beach towels
> Bed linen
> Pre-arrival travel advice and coordination to help you get the most from your trip
> Beach games (snorkels, water-balls etc.)
> End of week yacht cleaning (your crew will also constantly keep the yacht clean and tidy throughout the trip)

If you require any assistance/further information on any of the points above then drop us a note via the contact page.
Availability is limited to 6 guests (3 double cabins) per week.

However, if at your time of booking there is not enough availability for the size of your party and preferred week, we may be able to make arrangements to accommodate you in a second yacht.

Send us a message via the contact page or on the booking section of the destination page, explain the situation, and we will go from there!
Is it customary to tip the crew?
Tipping is at each individuals discretion. As with any fantastic service, it is polite to show your appreciation of the crews hard work and skills by tipping.
whats not included in the price?
Additional costs worth considering...

Not included:
> Air travel from your country of origin to the country of our destination
> Any visas or travel permits that you may need
> Travel Insurance - A Journey Through require you to have this to cover any medical or material incidents 
> Evening excursions, including local transport around the towns we moor in
> Evening meals
> Toiletries

Extras (Prices can be agreed when we know your requirements):
> Alcohol. Local and speciality wines and spirits can be ordered and made available aboard.
> Paddle boards/Kayaks

If you require any assistance/further information on any of the points above then drop us a note via the Contact page.
is my payment secure?
There are a variety of ways you can make payments on your bookings.

The most common way to do so is by A Journey Though sending you an invoice via our PayPal Business account directly to your email - from here the payment is processed through PayPal's secure servers and your bank details are never seen by A Journey Through or any third party.

Alternatively, we can process BACS transfers.

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Is my money protected by any 3rd party?
In the unlikely event that A Journey Through Ltd. is unable to deliver the holiday that you have booked with us, your money should be protected.

By booking with your credit card you are covered Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, as the credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the retailer or trader (i.e. A Journey Through Ltd.). Section 75 comes into force for any transitions between £100 and £30,000 and the full amount doesn't need to be paid by card; for example, even if you only paid a deposit by credit card you are still protected for the full amount of your purchase. 

More information can be found HERE.

A Journey Through is not covered by ATOL. ATOL only covers holiday packages that include air travel.