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Taking you to the most beautiful places on Earth is one thing.
Keeping them that way is another.

Sailing is a fantastic way to explore, see things from a new perspective and become completely surrounded by the natural world. At A Journey Through we are concerned about the sustainability of human actions on the oceans and landscapes that we too often take for granted. We are therefore committed to playing a part in preservation efforts by carbon-offsetting air travel, donating to local grass-roots programmes in the destinations we operate in, as well as taking special care in our own actions. We endeavour to leave no trace of our adventures on the landscape.


the ocean, sailing
A Journey Through will offset all guest and staff travel by donating to CLIMATE CARE who invest that money in future-proofing human action's ability to pollute as well as removing CO2 that has already entered the atmosphere.

Air travel is a huge source of carbon emissions which contributes to a broad spectrum of issues that are threatening so many aspects of our planet. Increased carbon levels are not only causing the oceans to heat up, but also to become increasingly acidic and less oxygen-rich. One way to help stem this degradation is to invest in carbon offsetting initiatives and committing to being carbon neutral.

Climate Care's work is far from just planting trees; they are also investing in renewable energy infrastructure, clean water programmes, efficient cooking stoves in developing countries and rainforest protection initiatives. We want to work to making our journeys completely carbon neutral so that the amazing natural world that we sail throughout is given every chance to thrive.
the ocean
the ocean, sea, sailing

We are guests on this planet.
Our actions must serve to preserve the natural world for future generations.



the Cephalonia coastline the Cephalonia coastline
Whilst carbon offsetting goes a long way to future-proofing human action and reducing prospective harms, work also needs to be done to undo the effects of years of damaging human activity.

Volunteers, communities and charities are taking it upon themselves to clean-up and look after their surroundings. In each of the locations that A Journey Through operates in, we will donate part of your fee to help sustain such important efforts. Details of the projects can be found below.
The Bay of Naples & Amalfi Coast
Through our commitment to help the areas that we explore and enjoy, we donate to Legambiente Campania each time we sail our Bay of Naples & Amalfi Coast route.

Legambiente Campania campaign both locally and globally to protect and improve the environment. They research scientific alternatives to polluting industries and try to provide credible alternatives/solutions to things such as nuclear power, smog and pollution in our rivers and seas. They also run educational programmes in schools and organise volenteer camps which bring local communities together and clean up the places that they live and tourists love.

More information can be found on their
website (website in Italian - view the site in Google Chrome to have it translated to other languages)
The Greek Ionian

In the Ionian we help support the Ionian Dolphin Project. Seeing dolphins in the area is such a treat but unfortunately not as common as we would like, and they are under increasing threat.

The Ionian Dolphin Project aims to ensure the long-term viability of dolphins species living in coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea. Research by Tethys Research Institute is providing support to dolphin conservation efforts, through actions including:‍‍

1. Continued monitoring of dolphin groups through field research methods including boat surveys and individual photo-identification, to detect population trends and identify critical habitat.

2. Research on factors threatening the local ecosystems, particularly excessive fishing.

3. Public awareness, education and capacity building initiatives (e.g. involvement of a large number of students and volunteers, dolphin events organised locally, public presentations, lectures at local schools, production of multimedia)

4. Contacts and meetings with the local Authorities and fishermen organisations, aimed to raise awareness on the need of establishing measures to protect dolphins and implement existing regulations (e.g. to prevent illegal fishing)

the Cephalonia coastline
the Cephalonia coastline

40 percent of plastic is used only once. Estimates of the length of time it takes plastics to biodegrade range from 450 years to never.



A Journey Through sustainable action in ItalyA Journey Through sustainable travel in Italy
40 percent of plastic is used only once. Estimates of the length of time it takes plastics to biodegrade range from 450 years to never.

Unnecessary waste and the avoidance of throw-away single-use plastics is one obvious area that is easily improved. A Journey Through have teamed up with some amazing ethical suppliers of 'lifetime' products - well designed, high quality (and cool looking!) permanent alternatives to many of the throw away plastics that end up in our oceans.

All guests are gifted ethically sourced shopping bags and reusable water bottles in their welcome packs, so as to help do our part to cut down on plastic waste both during our journey and back at home.

Environmental concerns can too often seem on such a vast scale that the individual can be left feeling like they can have no impact, no power for change and no way to help. But taking care in our own actions and slightly modifying our own behaviour can create huge gains.
A Journey Through sustainable travel in Italy